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PSA Security Network is one of the nation’s leading sources for education, training, and industry networking events. With multiple settings and events throughout the year to meet and exchange industry knowledge, there is something for everyone.


WEBINAR: COVID-19 Vendor Spotlight: Frictionless/Touchless Access

June 9, 2020
Touch-free biometrics, mobile credentials and automatic door opening are now mainstream technologies that are being demanded by building owners and tenants. Join us for a technology spotlight from Luc Merrdew of HID, Mauricio Lainez of...

WEBINAR: Designing Optimized Video Surveillance System Architecture: The Importance of Monitoring & Securing IP Cameras

June 10, 2020
In this webinar, attendees will discover solutions that address today and future challenges of current video surveillance systems. Attendees will see how to gain access to open platforms that will allow you to utilize “Best...

WEBINAR: vMobile Technology introduces vMobile Collaborator

June 11, 2020
How would you like to increase customer satisfaction by substantially lowering your cost of service? Yes, it is possible. Let us show you how. vMobile is an excellent cloud-based tool that can increase efficiencies for...

WEBINAR: How Surveillance Solutions Ensure Cannabis Compliance

June 16, 2020
With constantly shifting cannabis requirements and regulations, it's important to get your security done right the first time. Go beyond video security regulatory requirements and learn how to get the most out of your security...

WEBINAR: Zenitel Presents Enabling Clear Communication While Limiting Risk of Infection

June 17, 2020
For decades, Zenitel has helped healthcare organizations communicate. And now, more than ever, clear and intelligent communication in hospitals and other facilities is essential in protecting staff, patients, and visitors. Avoiding contact between infected and...