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Viakoo automatically verifies the performance and behavior of physical security infrastructure,

systems, and camera devices while performing automated troubleshooting and recommending corrective actions to your integrator who resolves the problem.

Viakoo’s Video Assurance Service (VAS) delivers an outcome – making sure you don’t have “missing video evidence” or gaps in your recorded video history.

With Viakoo, you will enable a digital connection to your customer and can perform remote problem resolution to fix most physical security issues. Viakoo allows you to move from manual reactive in-person service to an automated proactive remote service model, improving reliability and performance, putting an end to missing video.

Ensures Surviellance & Access Control System Running
Enables Remote Problem Resolution
Automates Inventory Tracking
Automated Cyber Hygiene

Target Audience

Ideal Customers:

Physical Security Executive

Key Influencers:

IT Director
Risk/Compliance Officers

Customer Pain Points Solved

System Performance

Missing video evidence

Cyber Hygiene

Camera firmware updating
Password Checking


Internal policy and regulations like PCI

Span of Control

Managing a distributed apprecation
Leveraging a small team

Cost Reduction

Productuctivity improvement
ROI or cost avoidance

Product Features

  1. Easy to install (no need for data entry or programming)
  2. Integrated ticketing environment
  3. Quality of Service (QoS) metrics
  4. Mobile app with push notifications
  5. Single dashboard for video, access control, and IoT physical security devices
  6. Automated inventory discovery

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