Solutions Overview

RemoteLock sets the standard for universal access control. RemoteLock makes it easy for you to manage access to more doors than you ever thought possible and provides you with the convenience and control to easily grant any person access to any space, from wherever you are. We do that by managing the leading smart locks and access control hardware, and integrating with essential software systems in a centralized, cloud-based platform. RemoteLock’s infinitely scalable system streamlines and simplifies many everyday operational processes—improving efficiency and bottom-line results.

Enterprise Level Access Control Without the Enterprise Price
Reduce Equipment and IT Costs
Intuitive System Administration

Target Audience

Ideal Customers:

Business owners looking for a lower-cost, easy-to-use alternative to a traditional access control solution that still delivers enterprise level features.

Key Influencers:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  • Security/IT Manager

Customer Pain Points Solved

Ability to Remotely Manage

Affordably Secure Unmanaged, Interior Doors

Reduce the Need for High Cost IT Infrastructure and High-Priced Access System Administrators

Product Features

  1. Universal Access Control
    RemoteLock is the only universal access control system that can manage the leading smart locks and access control hardware, and integrate with essential software systems in its cloud-based platform.
  2. Remote management offers the ultimate convenience and control
    RemoteLock allows users to easily grant any person access to any space, from wherever they are—simplifying everyday operational processes to improve efficiency and bottom line-results.
  3. Infinitely scalable, future-proof solution
    With an infinitely scalable platform and an ever growing portfolio of supported hardware, RemoteLock is the trusted partner that empowers users around the world to go further with their access management today and tomorrow.
  4. Easy and powerful for integrators customers
    Modern user interface that provides flexible configuration using role-based administrative permissions.

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