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vMobile Collaborator is the simple, powerful solution for mobile visual collaboration, work documentation, and training that improves productivity, efficiencies and customer experience

vMobile is a Mobile Unified Communications Platform that:

  • Visually connects field personnel and end-user customers with a company’s subject matter experts for fast and effective troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Improves field visibility and the documentation of work performed
  • Associates all content with your current work order management system

vMobile Collaborator is focused on helping integrators improve their processes, workflow, efficiency and operational productivity. 

  • Deliver Remote Visual Support
    Easily transition support calls from an end-user or a technician to a live streaming video collaboration call. Subject matter experts (SMEs) will better understand the problem improving first-call resolution results, reducing unnecessary truck rolls.
  • Visually Document Work Performed
    Field technicians can capture images and video with audio commentary of work performed. This creates a valuable visual audit trail where it can be reviewed and validated on-demand from the Cloud.
  • Create a Cloud-Stored Visual Repository
    All captured media is tagged with date, time, geo-location and user information and is easily retrieved and shared from the Cloud.  Users may also add custom titles and tags for more detail.
  • Develop a Visual Knowledgebase
    All captured content creates a valuable media library with images, audio/video and technical documentation, providing access to best practices and real-world solutions for common issues.
  • Enhance Technician Training
    Technician training and support is enhanced via live streaming video support calls and Cloud-based access to a visual knowledgebase collaborative platform.
  • Reduce Opportunity Cost
    Improve First-Time Fix and resolve more issues on the first visit reducing unnecessary site return trips improves your field team’s ability to drive new revenue opportunities.
  • Reduce Service Costs and Improve Key Performance Indicators
    First-call resolution

    Time-to resolution
    Unnecessary site return trips
    Field productivity
    Quality control
    Quality of service
    Customer satisfaction

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