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Cyber Security Risk, Liability, Reputation Management and Legal Services

Let me help you evaluate the state of your security, put in place a plan to implement “Reasonable Security,” identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk, reduce or eliminate liability if breached, position you to recognize a breach quickly, recover quickly, protect your business, reputation, and ensure you meet the legal hurdles.


  • Risk/Liability Management
  • Information and Cyber Risk/Liability Assessments/Audits
  • Compliance
  • Cyber Security Plans for lowering risk, reducing liability, protecting reputation
  • Incident Response plans to help you detect and recover from data breaches quickly
  • Security policy review, drafting and development
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training for the workforce
  • Risk and Cyber Legal Support

Understand the vulnerabilities, threats, and overall risks to your organization and data so you can effectively prepare and implement a plan that lowers the risk of a data breach, reduces or eliminates your liability, protects your reputation and allows you to quickly detect a data breach and recover quickly.Take control of your security now!

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David Willson, Esq.
CISSP, Security +
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