System Surveyor

Intelligent System Design Platform

Look professional, win more jobs, and improve margins

PSA Security members have found that using System Surveyor helps them grow sales, improve customer experience, and enhance their margins.
System Surveyor is an easy to use, mobile system design platform with tools that help system integrators visualize and design IoT, electronic security systems, building automation systems to meet their needs. Instead of using paper floor plans, pictures on cell phones and spreadsheets, professionals can gather everything in the field during a site walk and collaborate with their team. It allows for a more professional, accurate and innovative design with faster proposals that already have prospect buy-in. The result – more sales efficiency and higher win rates.

“I haven’t picked up a note pad to do a site walk in over a year.” – Gary Hofner, PSLA Security, PSA member

“My customers and A&Es want to make sure that everything that I design looks nice on their building. With System Surveyor, I can make the change on the fly and share it with all the stakeholders that deliver their system including the install team. The benefit is fast and visual information sharing. The informed customer is a great customer and it builds trust that we can work together effectively.”
–Terry Rivet, President and CEO, Securitronics, PSA Security Member

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Security Managers

single user friendly platform to help plan, management and maintain ESS, ACS, IDS and IT systems


Streamline survey process by 50% while improving improve data, simplifying photo capture, and enabling instant collaboration


Eliminate the burden of CAD or Visio to indicate the intended location of devices on floor plans

Project Management

Remove the guess work related to customer commitments with annotated photos showing desired device placements


Eliminate “blind” service calls.  Easily reference customer system details on while on the go.

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