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Since 1997, Matterhorn has nationally and internationally helped security, A/V and solution integrators grow their businesses. With 40 years of security industry experience, 4 years in the USMC, 13 years of experience with PSA, and industry credentials you would expect as a business owner… choose Matterhorn when experience really matters.

PSA acted quickly and faithfully in 2017 to be the security industry early adopter leader in bringing military veterans into our industry.

Our Military Veteran Hiring Program (MVHP) was designed to help PSA members and associates recruit, qualify, interview and hire skilled military veterans for sales, technical and support positions to fuel their growth. To support your company growth, we offer these services to answer your talent needs.

Our Values

Acta Non Verba
(Action Not Words)

Semper Fi
(Always Faithful)


We help our PSA Clients attract, recruit, hire, on-board, train and retain military veterans for operational, technical and sales positions.

Military Veteran Hiring Program (MVHP)
SalesMarines – TechMarines

  • Profile your company culture, core values and talent needs for the future.
  • Guide role and responsibility, job descriptions for accuracy, clarity, and veteran talent fit.
  • Search all 5 branches of the service for veterans that meet tough standards.
  • Introduce and guide the interview process with candidates.
  • Provide insights and coaching to both Client and veteran to ensure a strong fit.
  • Provide assessments of the candidate prior to a Client hiring decision.
  • Provide basic training, on-boarding recommendations and mentoring after the hire.
  • Advanced and customized training is an option depending on Client needs.

Train Like a Marine
Sales and Technical Customized Training Curriculum

If you hire a civilian or a veteran, we will develop an immersive 1 year training program for either sales or technical talent hires around your specific needs. On-boarding based on best practices and 40 years of experience is the best insurance for your new talent hire to bond with your company for the long haul. We have trained thousands of sales, technical and supervisory people in the security and system integration industry.

Organizational Development
Recruit Right – Test Right

We help develop HR, supervisor and manager skills with a 12-step hiring process, interview skill building, assessment batteries and training to make your team stronger in the crucial skill of acquiring the right talent. We will always provide customized assessment support and coaching, but over time your team will take the reins and work us out of a job!

Primary Contacts
Paul Boucherle, CPP, CSC
p. 330-519-7383
Jayne Boucherle, CSC
p. 330-519-5484