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Poor performance and productivity cost organizations millions of dollars each year.

So how do you recruit, select, retain, and develop productive employees?

HRGroup expertise and research confirms there is a direct relationship between how organizations manage their workforce and their financial success. HRGroup works with organizations to improve their performance and profitability through the selection and development of superior individual and workforce performance.

HRGroup can help security integrator companies in the areas of:

Recruiting and Selecting Top Talent

Leadership Development

Compensation Program Effectiveness

View this article in Security Systems News to see how HRGroup successfully helped a PSA Security Network Owner company.

Recruiting and Selecting Top Talent

Today’s businesses are seeking better ways to secure and retain top talent. But what talent does a job require for superior job performance and how can organizations match the talent of an individual to the job’s requirements?

HRGroup will work with your company to tailor a system of recruiting and selecting top talent to fit your specific needs, position and budget, which includes defining the job and key accountabilities, determining the most efficient and cost-effective sourcing strategies with their extensive expertise, conducting fixed-fee recruiting, developing effective interviewing practices, administering pre-employment assessments, conducting reference and background checks, making the hiring decision, structuring onboarding, and on-going performance coaching.

Leadership Development

HRGroup firmly believes that while some individuals are born with natural leadership tendencies, for the most part leaders are made and not born. We work with organizations in three areas to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness: Individual Leadership Development, Succession Planning, and Leadership Team Development. HRGroup methodology includes individual and team assessments, one on one coaching, team coaching, individual or team action planning and measurement of results.

HRGroup will work with your company to address your organization’s individual/team leadership development and/or succession planning to fit your unique needs and budget.

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