Active Risk Survival, Inc.

Every security sales person should have a practical understanding of NIMS and ICS.

It is critical for Security Professionals to understand Foreseeability, The Reasonable Man Test and Proximate Cause. Liability reduction and risk mitigation are key factors in many C-Suite decisions.

When I use terms like Drill or Hot Wash and how they apply to the training aspect of a properly deployed system, security sales people and consultants look at me like I am speaking a foreign language. Sadly, they don’t know what they don’t know… – Jerry Wilkins, PSP®

In our presentations and training sessions we tell our attendees that we expect them to be technically competent but our goal is to make them also tactically aware.

1/2 Day

Covers risk mitigation and the application of countermeasures to improve the outcome of all-hazard events; includes a thorough review of case studies, best practices and regulatory guidelines.

Full Day

All elements of the half-day training plus additional case studies and industry research.

1 1/2 Day
Off-Site Academy

An in-depth combination of content from both of the above trainings; includes a special session of hands-on simulation and instruction.

With the potential liability of failure to recognize the RISK, and the high profile nature of ASE/WPV events, lack of appropriate planning could potentially be seen as the “proximate cause” of injury or damage.



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