Wireless/PoE locks

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    Robert Birley
    Aronson Security Group

    • What locks are you using – PoE, wireless?
    • Are you happy with the battery life on wireless locks?
    • Are you using them integrated into one of the larger card access systems or in a stand-alone mode?
    • Are the locks fully integrated?

    What has your company learned that makes these deployments successful?


    Dennis Thiele
    Low Voltage Contractors

    We have been using Assa Abloy and Stanley Wi-Q
    Assa Abloy has been both the POE Locks And the wireless
    They have been integrated into Software House And Lenel
    The Assa Abloy POE Locks haved worked well on both systems.
    Integration has been better on Software House than Lenel but both system do not support all of the functions that locks contain
    We have had problems with Software House supporting Double Swipe correctly,
    We have had problems with Lenel Supporting locks waking up on a invalid card swipe
    Battery life on the Assa Abloy have had issues The last job we had to replace all of the locks due to bad controller boards
    The batterys would only last two days
    Stanley Wi-Q locks have worked better but you need to build out a wireless network just to support them
    LED control has not worked right on the Wireless Access Controller

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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