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    Charlie Baker California Commercial Security

    Please post thoughts on where the “Cloud” is currently playing a role in our industry, and where it may play a role in the future.


    Jorge Ortiz Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group

    The Cloud is being used in various types of systems and for various purposes, some of which are described below:

    1. As an alternative to traditional on-premises storage
    2. In addition to on-premises storage, acting as backup “drive”
    3. For remote locations where the only connection between the camera and the rest of the world is via the Internet

    Used to host the servers in order to manage the system from anywhere, using even smartphones and tablets. As with traditional systems, Remote services can include cardholder enrollment/deactivation, access code reconfigurations, remote locking/unlocking of doors, etc.

    Remote management of lights, air conditioning, sprinklers, intrusion alarms, etc.

    Servers such as Active Directory, Mail servers, Web servers, cloud drives, etc. are also being hosted in the Cloud.

    Integrators are taking advantage of the Cloud by providing system management services for customers, generating RMR.


    Jorge Ortiz Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group

    Sorry for missing the “future” part. There are a lot of fields in which the Cloud is being used and can grow over time, some of which are:

    1. Virtual Reality (think Google Glass or MS Hololens)
    a) Location-based advertising
    b) Remote “handyman”
    c) Remote physician

    2. Vehicle communication (location, battery/fuel levels, etc.)
    3. Wikipedia-style medical information availability
    4. Automatic early disease diagnosis by analyzing facial photos taken over time

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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