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    Robert Crawford
    Security Controls

    Just a sounding board for logistical planning for PSA TEC.

    Please share your perspective on whether you have your techs share a room or if you buy a single room for each tech.
    Obviously we all want the economy of room sharing. But you always have ‘that guy’ who believes he needs his own room.

    Also your comments on ‘wage & hour’ compliance during travel and overnight stays would be appreciated.
    In the past it seemed like our techs appreciated TEC and would participate on face value for their regular pay. Now there are some who feel they need extra compensation during travel and for the time away. Please explain how you address these.

    Note to moderators. I felt there should be a PSA TEC thread but missed the method to create one at a higher level. Please move this up if you agree.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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