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    A question submitted to PSA’s Technical Committee:

    We have run in to a problem on a project that I wanted to see if anyone can offer insight on.

    We sold an S2 system using Mercury panels to the GC and now as we are ready to install it, we find out the end user has an Avigilon access control system, which I believe was formerly Red Cloud. I believe it uses Mercury hardware also, so the GC is asking if we can complete the hardware installation per our contract and just tie it in to the Avigilon system because presumably they both use Mercury. I know that’s one of the selling points of systems using Mercury Hardware, but I also know that switching between head end systems is rarely a simple task. I’m wondering if anyone here happens to be an Avigilon dealer that works with their access control product and if you know if there is anything proprietary to the firmware in the Mercury controllers that Avigilon uses? Has anyone gone through a system conversion using Mercury hardware, and if so, any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

    I also know that it sounds like Avigilon has hit upon tough times at least according to industry sources and word on the street. Are they actively developing their access product?


    Tom Nealer
    Tech Systems Inc

    We have not sold any of the Avigilon Access Control product but do have a lot of experience with their video products. We have had numerous meetings with them over the past year and have been shown multiple product upgrades so I believe that they are still actively developing the product.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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