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Technical Knowledge Online is a communication tool designed specifically for PSA Security Network integrators to openly share technical expertise, industry insights, and product findings. PSA integrators face unique challenges and the TKO is an avenue for finding solutions though collaboration.


We encourage you to join the conversation, lend your experience, and benefit from the knowledge of your peers. A TKO account is required in order to participate and membership is voluntary. By participating in the forum, TKO members agree to abide by the policies outlined below.

  • Communicate with respect and professionalism.
  • Do not post any private information, as information on the forum is made available to all TKO members and posted on the PSA public website.
  • Profanity, obscenities, lewd comments/photos, pornography, and other offensive remarks and material are prohibited.
  • Spam, sales, marketing, or other forms of solicitation from manufacturers, vendors, solutions providers or other commercial entities are prohibited. Any such postings will be immediately removed and the company permanently banned from the forum.
  • Any technical questions, challenges, product knowledge (testing, recommendations, etc.) are welcome.
  • However, questions related to PSA product orders, customer service, events, education, or vendors must go through the appropriate channels provided in the “Contact PSA Security Network” section below.

Any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed.

PSA TKO Administrators reserve the right to revoke privileges, delete accounts, and remove inappropriate or disrespectful communications at any time. Moderators also have authority to remove, modify, or delete any communications as deemed necessary.

Technical Knowledge Online Forum Contact

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