Enhancing Vendor Partnerships

PSA Premier Vendor Logo

The Premier Vendor Partner program is designed to enhance PSA’s value to its vendor partners. By meeting specific and measurable objectives, vendor partners can become eligible for “Premier Vendor Partner” status, which offers them additional opportunities to foster brand visibility and increase sales volume through PSA.

How to Qualify

The PSA Premier Vendor Partner program has a defined process for evaluating its key vendor partners.


PSA Evaluation

PSA Evaluates Vendor Partner (annual sales volume must be $250,000+) based upon vendor scorecard criteria.

Vendor Self-Evaluation

The Vendor Partner conducts a self-evaluation based on vendor scorecard criteria.


PSA reviews findings with the Vendor Partner representative.


PSA and the Vendor Partner develop a working strategy to address and improve key components of the program.

Ongoing Improvements

PSA and the Vendor Partner will work to evaluate improvements on an ongoing basis.


Upon qualification to the program, Premier Vendor Partners will benefit from the following rewards:

  • Premier Vendor Partner notation on PSA Product Line Card and online
  • Customized landing page with logo on PSA store
  • Access to the Premier Vendor Partner logo in marketing materials
  • Quarterly guest blog interview
  • Free Webinar through PSA
  • Priority consideration for training and panel participation at PSA-TEC
  • Recognition at PSA-TEC vendor award event
  • Plus more marketing programs and additional incentive opportunities when Premier Owner Partners purchase your products through PSA

PVP Contact

Craig Patterson
Director of Vendor Management
P: 800.525.9422 x110