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Zenitel is a leading provider of crystal-clear audio solutions for secure and critical intelligent communications systems, allowing people to hear, be heard and be understood, anytime and anywhere.


Communication is critical in all areas of business. Zenitel systems interface with other security systems including video, access control and alarm management for a comprehensive security solution.

Zenitel systems provide high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability and cyber defensibility. By reducing hardware to a minimum, and keeping the benefits of centralized server management, organizations have more flexibility in scale and performance.

Zenitel maintains many of its resources online to ensure the most current content is available. For complete products and services, please visit Zenitel.com and follow Zenitel on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.




Zenitel specializes in providing intelligent voice communication solutions including intercom, public address and emergency notification, sold under the Zenitel and Vingtor-Stentofon brands. Invest in a product that keeps pace with changing technology, and that both anticipates and secures your future communication needs. Zenitel equipment and devices can be used on three different platforms that each caters to a specific set of communication requirements. SIP – Our devices support the SIP protocol, allowing them to be used on any VoIP communication platform that support SIP.

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Introducing IC-EDGE

Zenitel’s next-generation Intelligent Communication System delivers out-of-the-box unrivaled sound quality, interoperability, cybersecurity, ease of use and scalability.

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ICX-AlphaCom Platform

Zenitel’s Intelligent Communication Platform provides robust management and enhanced cybersecurity, with seamless integration into other security and communication systems. At the core of the system is the ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway – connecting people, devices and systems with unrivaled levels of manageability, scalability and interoperability.


Turbine IP Intercom Series

The TCIV+ is a video intercom solution that combines unrivalled HD audio and video. Empower your security team with the proven power of Turbine, so they can act in real time and with clear communication.


Touchless Sensor

The Touchless Sensor is used to activate intercom calls by gesture recognition, e.g. swipe of the hand. The unit includes a backbox for on-wall mounting and is designed for use with our Turbine Compact Series, being powered directly from the station.


The Zenitel Library 

Looking for Specifications, Building Information Modeling (BIM), manuals, user guides or marketing material? Visit Zenitel Wiki for a comprehensive collection of Zenitel documentation.

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Building Security Solutions

Keeping your employees and visitors protected is a key priority in commercial and public buildings. When you add Zenitel’s IP intercom and speakers to your building, it enhances security measures such as CCTV and access control systems by adding the ability to speak and listen.

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Public Safety

Zenitel’s IP intercom stations can serve as information and emergency points, while also providing visitor management functions. The intercom solutions can also serve as PA systems for mass notification.

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Transportation Solutions

Zenitel’s native IP, intelligent, unified PA and Intercoms solutions enable you to enhance the safety of both passengers and staff by ensuring that they can hear, be heard and be understood with every message or call.

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Zenitel solutions are designed to meet the needs of plant owners, managers, employees and visitors. They allow operators to communicate to the entire plant, selected zones, perform PA or Emergency Announcements and more.

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Zenitel solutions for healthcare provide a reliable communication platform in all areas of a healthcare facility while also controlling access to restricted areas.

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Installing Zenitel IP intercoms and speakers allows security teams to see and hear what’s happening, control access and provide a safer environment for everyone on campus.

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In retail, instant voice communication is the key to delivering a quality customer experience. Plus, it enhances worker and guest safety.

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Prisons and detention centers demand a reliable and high-quality communication system that is available around the clock. Zenitel solutions are designed to enable guards to work efficiently and provide the level of security detainees and visitors depend on.

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In this channel, Zenitel offers on-demand webinars so you can watch and learn whenever it is most convenient.


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For Zenitel, Cybersecurity is embedded in all that we do. Access our Cybersecurity Hardening Guide and learn about following the guidelines of and being a CIS SecureSuite Member.

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