Upcoming Webinars

WEBINAR: Navigating the New World of Selling Through a Connected Process

July 7, 2020
Sales teams today are facing new realities in the COVID-19 world. A connected sales process enables security systems integrators to continue selling remotely, collaboratively, even on site, to better build relationships with prospects and customers...

WEBINAR: Streamline Your Installation Process & Eliminate Truck Roll Backs

July 8, 2020
In this webinar, attendees will discover how to streamline your installation process while lowering consumable costs and increasing performance. In this webinar we will address:  Network is only as good as your weakest link...

WEBINAR: Pelco Solutions Overview

July 15, 2020
Pelco delivers end-to-end video surveillance and security solutions that provide the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions. Pelco offers the broadest selection of IP security cameras for both commercial and industrial setting. This includes...

STEPS Webinar

July 16, 2020
STEPS is powered by bSMART® Entry Assessment More information coming soon

WEBINAR: Electrical Utilities Security Technology Overview with Protech

July 21, 2020
Learn why Electrical Utilities across the country are choosing PROTECH's perimeter security technologies as their primary line of defense. PROTECH's innovative technologies can eliminate typical Nuisance/False alarms issues while maintaining Probability of Detection like no...