Upcoming Webinars

WEBINAR: A "Next-Level", Scalable, IoT Solution for Mass Notification and Gunshot Detection

March 3, 2021
In this webinar, attendees will discover how you can deliver next level situational awareness, and make additional on-going revenue with EAGL Technology's scalable, accurate, and easy to install technology. Presented by: Scott Seidler | Sr....

WEBINAR: Establishing the Foundation of Your Security in the New Normal

March 10, 2021
Today's customers need to know the whereabouts of both their employees and visitors. But why pay for security guards & receptionists when there now exists touchless unattended visitor management & access control systems? These devices...

WEBINAR: Attend This Webinar and Watch Your Business Grow with Almo Services

March 17, 2021
Don’t turn away opportunities because you don’t have the staff, the skills, the time, the cash flow or the platforms to support it. That list goes on. As your partner, Almo is fully prepared to...

WEBINAR: Smart Airspace Security in the Age of Drones

March 24, 2021
In this webinar, attendees will discover what drones mean to security teams. Dedrone will discuss what threats drones pose and how security teams can protect people, property and information against unauthorized drones. Presented by: Amit...

WEBINAR: AI Video Analytics Applications in the Pandemic and Beyond

March 31, 2021
This webinar will explore applications of AI video analytics for security, safety, access and health in a pandemic world and beyond. Attendees will discover the requirements and benefits of an integrated AI platform over point...