The new Genuine HID Academy Learning Center is here!

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What is new?

Designed to deliver enablement training to our HID Advantage Partners, the newly developed Genuine HID Academy™ Learning Center portal provides convenient on-demand access to industry leading complimentary online training and enrollment to certification programs delivered by dedicated instructors with subject matter expertise.

How can I benefit from the new Learning Center?

The Genuine HID Academy Learning Center portal, managed by the Genuine HID Academy team, will enable your business through education and industry leadership to further extend the value of your HID Global Advantage Partner Program participation and benefits. Participants can centrally manage and track training towards professional development and certification.

What training is available to Advantage Partners?

The course catalog offers a training portfolio suited to many aspects of your business; sales, marketing and technical; to expand your skill set, implement reliable deployments and gain a competitive edge in the Physical Access, Secure Issuance and Identity Assurance segments.

Registered users will be able to launch newly designed interactive online sales and technical product training courses as well as enroll into certification programs and classroom sessions.

As an HID Advantage Partner you can gain exclusive access to Solution Sales Training. Designed to empower partners to effectively determine the right solution for customer engagements and identify growth opportunities, partner sales training will offer:

  • Market landscape overview
  • Product value propositions and benefits
  • Customer challenges, use-cases and resolutions
  • Discovery questions for customer engagements
  • Product ordering instructions

How do I access the new Learning Center portal?

Simply visit the Genuine HID Academy page for registration instructions.
Genuine HID Academy

Or, visit the Training page within the HID Advantage Partner Portal.
HID Advantage Partner Portal

Registration tips:

  • All users will be required to complete registration to access training content.
  • Credentials used for previous training sites are not compatible.

How do I learn to use the portal?

To learn how to use the new Genuine HID Academy Learning Center portal, log into the portal and locate the Academy Get Started Tour within the MyTraining box. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available within the Support>FAQ menu link.

How can I locate newly released training?

Upon registering and logging into the Genuine HID Academy Learning Center, visit the Featured star widget on the homepage for a current list of newly released training. You can also view a list of new training courses on the HID Advantage Partner Portal home page. Refer to the Training section that is located on the right panel for the latest course offerings.

Who can I contact regarding questions or feedback?

We welcome your feedback. Please contact us today if you have questions or feedback to share; email

Thank you,
The Genuine HID Academy Team