23 Jan 2020

SIW Insider Intelligence: Be a More Complete Person in 2020 with Ric McCullough

PSA Network Team Members share “Insider Intelligence” with  Learn from PSA’s Ric McCullough, president of PSA, as he shares tips for being a more complete person in 2020.

January 1, 1984 marked my first day as a district sales manager in the security industry. I was given the task of growing sales in the steel belt region of western Pennsylvania, northern Ohio and western New York – all while steel plants were closing at a record pace. I learned early on that optimism is more contagious than pessimism.

During that decade and the years that followed, I have had the honor to work with incredible mentors, peers and some truly awesome people from all walks of life. I have boiled down my observations to three key qualities that help to define a complete person – not just in business, but in life. These are traits that I aspire to. Looking forward, these characteristics continue to drive me every day to improve myself.

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