Webinar: Introducing Elements from LenelS2 – Cloud-based, Managed Access and Video Management System

July 14, 2021
Time: 10:00-10:30

In this session, we will be providing an overview and introduction to the newly released cloud-based, managed access control and video management system, Elements. In this session, you learn about this purpose built for the cloud, SaaS solution that was recently launched to both NetBox and OnGuard resellers interested in a SaaS solution that reduces up-front capital expenditures and is subscribed to as a recurring service and recurring revenue generator for VARs. Fully integrated with our BlueDiamond readers and mobile credentials, all of the setup and management of mobile credentials is done within the Elements web portal and there is no need to manage inventory levels or even make a purchase. Simply use and pay for it as part of your monthly subscription. A key differentiator of Elements, which is targeting the SMB space a standalone solution, is the Elements OnGuard Connector. Existing OnGuard customers running Elements at HQ will often not have corporate networks at remote locations and branch offices and doing so is costly. Because of this, they often run disparate systems away from HQ. The Elements OnGuard Connector allows for existing cardholders and credentials to be pushed from OnGuard to remote locations, running Elements. No on-prem servers are required and no corporate network is needed. Additionally, all events and activity from the remote locations flow back into OnGuard for a full, centrally managed enterprise.
Presented by:
Cooper Briscoe | Product Management Lead, Cloud Solutions | LenelS2 (Carrier)